1. Work Out, Day 3

    Three days ago, I officially started working out for real. I’ve been getting up at about 8 every morning. Starting with a bike ride, coming home and stretching a little, and then using a “dorm room” work out to work all my major muscles groups. 

    I started with a 5mi bike route and was able to do it in 20 minutes each time. The workout took about 30 minutes, involved 12 separate exercises. Instead of doing reps, I just did as many as I felt capable of doing. 

    Tomorrow, day 4, I’m going to add a mile to the route (well, actually I made a whole new route to keep from getting bored). I’ll be uping my reps by 5-10. I’ll keep up this pace for the next three days. Day 7 I’ll use as a rest day. 

    I know that varying a work-out routine does a lot to help build muscle and see improvements. I’m thinking that Days 8-10 I’ll switch to a different dorm room work out. It works the same groups but switches out some of the exercizes for different ones. I plan on doing a similar idea of slowly increasing reps every time I go back to it. So I’ll probably schedule it something like Work Out 1 for 3 days, Work Out 1 harder for 3 days, rest day, Work Out 2 for 3 days, rest day or return to Work Out 1. I like work out 1 more, since I think it has more aerobic stuff in it, which is why I want to do that one more. 

    I’m also trying to decide how to vary up the warm-up. I’m not really much of a runner, so I’m not sure about that. I could perhaps try to switch out distance for something like uphill riding? We have plenty of hills in my area. I actually hear sprinting uphill is really good for you. Since I’m more of a sprinter than a runner, this might be good for me. I’ll decide once I get to that point. 

    As far as eating goes, naturally starting this up would coincide with starting work. Because I have 5 hours shifts and just the timing of the shifts, it makes scheduling eating as much as I’m supposed to difficult. I will admit that my eating habits have slipped but I’m trying. Hopefully I’ll get more organized as I continue with this. 

    So far I feel really good about this. I like having a reason to actually get up in the morning and I like feeling like I’ve accomplished something during the day since I’ve felt bored and lazy for the past several weeks. The first two days were definitely rough and I was really sore but today wasn’t bad at all and I’m not really that sore anymore. Honestly, I figure if I can make it through the first two weeks, I should be able to keep this up for the summer. The challenge after that is fitting in this schedule once I’m back at school. 

    BTW, I’m going to try to keep brief records of this, just as a way of tracking some progress and as a way to make sure I keep it up.