1. Endo Appointment

    Everything went really well today.

    To start, I made my appointment under the name John but also gave my legal name for insurance purposes. Everything went fine with that - the lady at the desk kept my name on the DL as we were working out insurance; I was called in by John and the doctor used my name the entire time.

    So basically what happened:

    • A nurse weighed and measured me and then took my pulse and blood pressure.
    • A medical student came in and got my medical history, family history, and did a quick check up.
    • The doctor came in and talked about the pros and cons of injected T versus gel. He prefers gel and so he gave me a script right away for Androgel.
    • Then I left and had a little freak out moment in the car!

    My endo prefers Androgel because it keeps you from peaking too much at the beginning of your cycle and falling too low at the end. However it is super expensive. He wasn’t sure if my insurance covers it (I have a weird insurance plan) so he wanted me to give it a try. I brought it to the pharmacy right after and, unfortunately, my insurance won’t cover even part of it.

    He said if that happened, to give him a call and he’ll fax over a script for the injectible kind and that I can make an appointment to come in this week and learn how to give myself an injection. Unfortunately the office had JUST closed when I found out that it wasn’t accepted (figures) so I’ll just get up and call and figure out what’s going on. Really hoping that I could get in late tomorrow or Wednesday. Mostly just because Thursday I have no idea what is happening and Friday is just too damn far away! But I’ll take any day!

    He also didn’t think I needed to get any blood work done before. Mostly I think it’s because I have no medical history or family history that troubled him. I’ll be getting blood work down in 2 months after school after I’ve been on T for a little while.

    Over all, super excited and happy with what happened. A little bummed that I don’t have the Androgel to start on tomorrow and that I have to figure out getting the T, but happier that I won’t have to spend as much or worry about problems with the gel. I’ve also heard the changes happen quicker with injectible T verus the gel, even though the gel is a more stable dose. Not sure if that’s true, but whatever. Still happy that it’s actually happening!!

    Also have Friday plans to go to the county court and submit my name change papers. I have them all filled out. Getting the money out of the bank tomorrow. Need to find my birth certificate and I think that’s it…

    1. anopenprison said: congrats, man! yes, the changes are often more gradual with the gel, but it varies from person to person. if you end up wanting to switch to injections, ask about doing them weekly instead of bi-weekly. this should maintain more stable levels.
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